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Mackinaw Club Scorecard

Here you can view the scorecard images, rules, measurements, ratings and handicap recommendations and for the Mackinaw Club golf course.

Mackinaw Club Golf Course Scorecard holes 1 to 9

Mackinaw Club scorecard showing yards, handicap and par for holes one through nine.

Mackinaw Club Golf Course Scorecard holes 10 to 18

Mackinaw Club scorecard showing yards, handicap, and par for holes ten through eighteen.

Mackinaw Club Golf Course Scorecard map oveview of course

Golf course map showing location of all tees and greens for the Mackinaw Club.

Mackinaw Club Golf Course Rules:

- USGA rules govern all play, except as modified by local rules.
- See USGA rules at:
- Sprinkler heads are measured to the center of the green.
- Please keep golf carts 30 feet from greens and tees.
- Please observe all rules of golf etiquette.
- Posts are marked to allow golfers to make proper club selections:


Red posts are at 100 yards from green.
White posts are at 150 yards from green.
Blue posts are at 200 yards from green.
Mackinaw Club Recommended Tees


The Mackinaw Club offers four different starter tees that have all been measured and rated by GAM (Golf Association of Michigan), that can be selected, depending on the golfer's skill level. We strongly urge players to use the recommended starting tees for their handicap rating. Men should use the blue tee with a handicap of 0 to 8, white tee with handicap of 9 to 18 and gold tee with handicap of 19 and up. Women should use the gold tee with a handicap of 0 to 8 and the red tee with a handicap of 9 and up.

The Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) is the governing body for amateur golf in the state of Michigan and is licensed by the United States Golf Association (USGA) to measure and rate golf courses.

Mackinaw Club Course Ratings
Stroke/Slope ratings for men are 71.4/124 at blue, 68.9/121 at white and 67.6/117 at gold. Stroke/Slope ratings for women are 70.2/127 at red.

USGA Rules for Mackinaw Club Golf Course

Rules, yardages, recommended handicaps and stroke/slope ratings for the Mackinaw Club.

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